Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Post #13

Alabama Learning Exchange Logo

What is ALEX? ALEX, or the Alabama Learning Exchange, is an essential tool for teachers! The website is a complete database full of web links, lesson plans, podcasts, and other wonderful resources. You can find any Alabama Course of Study on ALEX or just browse around through hundreds of pages of knowledge. 

One of my favorites parts of the ALEX website is the podcast treasury called "Gallery 360." The content in this section has been created with schools throughout Alabama. You can find anything from English to History to the Arts. Practically any type of podcast you would want can be found here!

ALEX is full of information that teachers and students alike can use! I've used it before and I am sure I will use it numerous times over the rest of my career!

"By sharing the wealth of expertise and knowledge now available through ALEX, Alabama‘s best educators, and the youth of Alabama are poised to benefit from the best of the Web!" -

Before this blog, I have never heard of ACCESS. It offers some great resources to students that I wish I would have known how to access while in high school. One section I stumbled upon was labeled "Courses." In this section I found a tab for "Test Prep" that I would have been all about in high school. I am the type of person that believes in tests that help you advance. ACCESS offers 10 different test prep tools to help students get ready for AP testing. More exploring of the site has shown several other functions of the site like virtual field trips and free media content. This website does not compare to ALEX (at least to me), but I think it is a great resource that all educators should know about!

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