Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog Post #12

Below you will find an assignment that I believe would have benefited students in EDM310. While it may not directly have involvement in the technological aspect of education, there is certainly technology that is used with music education that is very important to music educators around the world. With funding being cut left and right, some educators are not able to fund their classrooms and use the technology they have previously taught with. Being a Music Education major, I feel this article really spoke to me and hopefully it will speak to somebody else!

1. Read the article Music Education - The Indispensable Core Subject by Dr. Joseph Pizano and make sure to leave him a comment giving him your feedback and thanking him for his article.

2. Carefully think about the following question while reading his article:

How does this article fit in your classroom and your education philosophy, even if you are not a future music educator?
3. Post to your blog one or more paragraphs that contain your thoughts on music education and the future of the education system in America. Should music education receive the same amount of funding that other subjects receive? Do you agree that music education makes a difference in children's lives, or should it be one of the first programs to be cut? How can music education and technology be combined?


My "blog post":

Music Education is extremely important when it comes to education as a whole. Music has been proven to increase test scores and IQs, not to mention it leads to great scholarships as students go to college! I believe that music education should receive the amount of funding that it needs in order to be a successful program. There is no question in my mind that music makes a difference, so why not make sure the funding that is needed can be accessed? I could see music classes using technology to teach theory or history, even distance learning courses like private lessons!


  1. I believe that music is as important as technology in the classroom. Neither are a must have but having both will help the child grow and expand in life.

  2. Hey Brandon,

    I read the article and thought that it was valid, but I didn't see a lot of ways HOW to make this happen. Do you start integrating, do you set 30 minutes aside each day, or do we write our legislators and push for mandatory music instruction?

    Be sure to write a response to your own assignment. It is a required part of this post.


  3. Please see Krista Edwards blog post 12.