Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Post #10

I completely agree with what Ms. Bayda is saying! I have felt the same way she does when I sit in a lecture class. I fight to stay awake if I haven't brought a Red Bull or large cup of Sweet Tea (yes, you can tell I am a southern boy) and usually I watch my mind wander to things that are further away from class than Earth is from Pluto! It isn't until I get into a class like EDM310 that I really start to feel like my time is being used efficiently and that I am actually learning something!

I believe that often teachers feel the need to "school" instead of "teach" and more times than none it does interfere with the education process. If more teachers would have the outlook that Ms. Bayda has and start involving students in the learning process, maybe out drop-out rates wouldn't be as high as they are and maybe, just maybe, we would see more people in our college classes instead of standing in line at the unemployment office

 I agree with Mr. Spencers thinking when he says that there might be some learning in even playing hangman or writing a pen pal. Why are we, as educators, always caught up in being some controlling of what our students do outside of our classrooms. I agree that instead of micromanaging the students and wondering what they are doing instead of our homework, we should be making sure that our homework that we assign is keeping them engaged!

The education system is so bogged down in test scores and aptitude tests that I feel we are sometimes losing focus of what we are actually in education for: to teach, not to test!

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  1. Hi, Brandon! I'm your C4C blogger for this week's assignment. First off, I want to commend you for campaigning for SGA Senator! The latest news I've found regarding the results was the email concerning the run-off for President. Are the results in for the other officers? I think it's awesome that you're pursuing a Music Ed/Vocal Performance degree! Both of my girls play instruments (trumpet and alto sax.) We've had so many good times traveling to competitions and All-State. My daughter sings with her high school jazz band. She's working on "Summertime" now. I also love to sing, especially acapella! I really wish we could get a show choir in our local schools. So, get that degree and come on across the bay and pray that our school's will regain funding SOON so we can do just that! North Alabama schools have some awesome show choirs! It's time we catch up! Great job on your blog design and posting, Brandon. Keep up the good work!