Sunday, February 6, 2011

USA Show Choir Concert - Monday, February 7 at 7:30 PM!!!

Wanna see some sweet moves like this?

USA Show Choir GIF 1

Or how about these?

USA Show Choir GIF 2

Well, if you aren't at The USA Show Choir's concert on Monday night, February 7 in the Laidlaw Performing Arts Recital Hall, then you might never seen these great moves again!

So you ask what The USA Show Choir is all about? Well, we were formed in Fall 2009 in order to help musicians around campus perform music that might not be found in the more classical classrooms. In other words, we love pop songs and show tunes and it's not every day that music majors get to perform songs from RENT or Lady GaGa!

We are a diverse group of students with majors in more than just music and drama: we have students who are Biomedical, International Studies, Biology, Nursing and even a Political Science major! We share one common thing though: a love for show choir!

Our first appearance on campus was at the Chi Omega songfest where we won our category! It was a great deal to beat last year's winners AED, but we weren't ready to stop there! Being part of The Board of Directors for The Miss University of South Alabama pageant, I secured us a spot in the pageant as a performer and that just set off the excitement even more! We've even been booked as the main act for a high-budget fashion show and South's Relay of Life!

So come out Monday night as help support this new organization on campus as we perform our first full-length show! This is only the beginning to something great!

 The show starts at 7:30 but the doors open at 7! Come early to guarantee a great seat in the 240-person recital hall! Hopefully it will sell out, but that cannot happen without a great group of fans and supporters!

Tickets are just $3 for students and $5 for general admission!

For more information, check out the facebook event here!


  1. The show was so great! Thanks for inviting us! BTW, I MUST learn how you did those snazzy picture effects in this post! I am not kidding. I want to know!

  2. Anthony, he used, and he even put that as his source. ;) Brandon, where did you find this website?

  3. Thanks for coming to the show! I'm glad we had such a great turnout!

    And yes, I did use and put it as my source! It's a nifty little website!

    I found it a few years ago when I was teaching a scene design class and wanted to show the kids how their scenes (sketches) would look as the show progressed!

  4. Wow, that is really great! It is definitely nifty, and I love it. I have already created two. :)

  5. DANG! I think there was a slight [DUH!!!] underwritten in jamie Lynn's comment. Geesh! Haha, I guess that's what I get for not checking the obvious first! And yes, Brandon, y'all had a great turn out-- but let's not discuss that any further in front of Jamie Lynn. I think she is a little sore that she forgot to come. ;-)

  6. Where did you post them Ninja D?! I want to see!!!

  7. Anthony Capps, are YOU kidding me?!? I am only sore because you didn't invite me. Thanks a lot! And, YES, there was a slight [DUH!!!] in my comment. :) I posted one on facebook, and I deleted the other because it was just practice.