Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foursquare: It's not just a PE game anymore!

foursquare's small logo

Have you seen this logo around lately? If you haven't, then I am surprised! Foursquare is one of the newest technological "games" to be spreading the social media world! But what is it? Foursquare is a location-based application for smart phones that allows users to explore cities and find new venues via their cell phones.

With foursquare (and yes, it it spelled with a lowercase f) you can view venues around you, see who frequents there the most, read tips from other users, and even sometimes get discounts from the businesses you visit!

Now, I know you might be thinking "What does this have to do with educational media and technology?" but I think it actually have a LOT to do with education, at least at South for me! I mentioned discounts above and every college student could use an extra penny. The Daily Grind in the student center offers a free cup of coffee to the mayor (the person who checks-in the most) each day that they stay on top of the check-in grid! I even found myself going to the music building and practicing over the break because I wanted the chance to check-in and become mayor, if for nothing else, for bragging rights!

Foursquare might not be the best invention when it comes to technology in the classroom, but I think it could have some place. The Accredited Online Colleges blog lists 30+ ways to use foursquare in education and I can see some of them actually having relevance in a classroom setting!

If all of that doesn't help you understand foursquare, watch this video I found on youtube about foursquare and its many uses (Warning! This video is super cheesy!) :

With all of that being said, don't you think it is time that you got yourself a foursquare account and started experiencing all the fun! And hey, you might even come up with a few ideas for your classroom that involve foursquare! Not to mention that with over 6 million users, there is bound to be somebody you know that uses foursquare already!

Foursquare currently has applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm and a few other smart phones!  It's simple to get an account with foursquare! Just click on the image below to get started! It's as easy as that! See you around campus with your check-ins... and don't you dare try to steal my mayorship of The College of Education!!!

Click Below To Get Started:

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