Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler

A very important and interesting question is asked during this video: "Why does the networked student even need a teacher?" As a teacher, we have to teach them how to build their network to find their answers. Teachers are the sifter that helps the student learn what a relevant source is and what might just be fluff! I like to think teachers are what keep the students on track! Without the teacher, students might just find the easy shortcut, but because of the teacher, students will learn while finding the best route to the finish line!

This is the first time I have heard of this method actually having a real name : Connectivism. To me, EDM310 and Dr. Strange is part of the theory of connectivism. I know that if I were sitting in a classroom, with a book in front of me and my laptop out on my desk, I would more than likely just be sitting on facebook and not paying attention in class. However, knowing that I must complete all of the assignments on my own with little guidance makes me search out answers and find the best and most efficient ways to complete my tasks!

Am I prepared to be a teacher of the networked student? Thanks to EDM310, I feel more ready than ever. It helps knowing how to use technology and what works for each situation. The learning isn't over though! Technology is always changing and students are usually the first to know about these changes! Learning is never over and teaching has just begun when it comes to educational technology!

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment

I am very much impressed that a 7th grader is using a PLE (PLN) the way this young lady is using it! If I were to think of how a 7th grader might be using a PLE, I would expect to see ridiculous websites that are far from scholarly, however, she has done a great job creating a PLE that adapts to her educational needs!

I did notice that we had a few of the same tiles like facebook, google and youtube, and I even think I might go as far as to watch the video again and "steal" some of her tiles for my own use in my PLN!

Critiques of Smartboards

Why Smartboards are A Dumb Initiative - Michael Staton
The main argument in this post is that a Smartboard is just a more attractive whiteboard that doesn't really help accomplish anything except for creating a larger dent in the ever-increasing debt of education.

Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards - Bill Ferriter
(At first, I thought this was a short little post without much substance, but then I realized that I needed to register for the site! It's a two-for-one deal: I can now read the article and have access to a legit education website!)

This article states "that without time and training, they quickly become nothing more than really expensive overhead projectors." It also goes on to say that Smartboards just help reinforce the ever-hated "stand-and-deliver" approach to teaching.

Smart Boards are hands-on, minds-on! - Gary Huffenberger
This article makes the point that Smartboards are bringing a much-needed refreshment of learning to the classroom. At this particular school, students are driving the power behind Smartboards!

One part of me says that Smartboards are just a waste of tax-payer money, but another part of me says that we should try anything we can to rekindle a love for education in the classroom and that no amount of money can replace learning! I agree that without proper training a Smartboard is just an expensive overhead projector, but the training should be included. I can also see teachers not wanting the training due to fear or an illiteracy in education. Smartboards are here, and instead of complaining about them and in turn wasting money already spent, we should just buckle down and learn to use them and make the best of this technology we are fortunate enough to have been given!


  1. I agree with what you're saying regarding to the issue of the need of teachers. Like you said why need a teacher? because teachers are the one who help guide the students and help them succeed their futures. Why would we even want to become teachers? Because we care about the future of the students

    I think PLN is wonderful. this is a great way to view and get updates on certain events.For example, you can read other people blogs and learn something new everyday.

    I really like the smart boards because it helps a lot with the schools and teachers. And of course the students can benefit tremendously with this smart boards. It such a great tool to use and learn for both teacher and student.

  2. You nailed it bud. Without proper training smartboards are a waste. However, they sure are awesome when you nail it for the kids! Great post again. And way to go with all the extra posts! Keep it up, I am learning lots.