Sunday, March 6, 2011

Introducing The E-Beam: A Smartboard Alternative?

With the current state of our economy (or lack there of), educators are fighting to teach the knowledge of tomorrow with yesteryear's budget!

Maybe the E-Beam is the solution we are looking for...

The E-Beam Website shows that the E-Beam sells for $899.95 ($1049.95 for the Bluetooth Enabled Model) and all that is required is a whiteboard/wall and a standard projector. Now how many classrooms meet those requirements?

The argument may be that this system does not include all of the fancy software that a SmartBoard may include, but given the chance to have this technology over the out-of-date transparencies that are seen in classrooms, I think any teach would jump for joy to get an E-Beam in their classroom!

What do you think? Could The E-Beam be a alternative to The SmartBoard?

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