Thursday, March 3, 2011

C4T #2 "A Unique Way"

Finally, I was able to blog about my comments on a teacher's blog! Below you will find my blog posts:

Vulnerability is Feeling

After watching this amazing Ted Talk in English class today, I learned, and redefined my definition of vulnerability. I used to think that being vulnerable was a weakness and in a way pathetic. But now I see that that exact characteristic is the essence of emotion, and essentially life. My free write showed how much this realization makes me understand how I have been living my life recently and makes me wonder – have I really been living at all?
This picture is pretty self explanatory; don’t be afraid to show your emotions because showing you’re emotions makes you vulnerable – and vulnerability is beautiful.
vulnerability is feeling

   Brandon M. Caten at February 17th, 2011 12:57 am: 

Hi Jenna!
My name is Brandon M. Caten and I am a Senior Music Education major at The University of South Alabama. I’m currently in a class known as EDM310 and I have been assigned to follow your blog and comment from time to time! You can view my class blog at!
I really like the top of this post! Vulnerability is looked at as a bad thing, but I completely think feeling vulnerable is sometimes a good thing! I’ve always told myself that if I ever get to the point of where I am about to step on stage to perform and I am no longer nervous, then I will stop performing! My nervousness is my vulnerability because I know people will be judging me form the second I step on stage and sing to the moment I hit my last note!
Continue to live your life and feel your emotions! You have a great blog! I cannot wait to read more of it!

Photography In-Depth Update!1

As many of you know, my topic that I chose to study indepth was digital photography. I have created a Flickr account to begin a portfolio of my work so far! I also participated in my first Daily Shoot assignment, so feel free to check out my pictures and let me know what you think!
Here are a few of my favourite pictures so far, much more to come!

  1.    Brandon M. Caten at March 3rd, 2011 11:45 amYour pictures look great! I think you have a good eye for photography, so keep up the great work!
    I find that a lot of people are starting to do the daily photo thing, maybe I should try it sometime!
    I could see how it would work out in my classroom too! Maybe find a way to get my students cameras and let them post on Flickr! They could share their photos with other students! It could be a great success!!!

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