Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream, Parts 1 & 2

After watching Mr. Miller's videos, I realized that he made it clear that it is our job to make sure that our students are technology literate! We have to make sure that we are encouraging students to use technology both inside the classroom and daily in their lives outside of school. We have to show students that computers and the internet is not just for using Facebook, but show them the wonderful resources that are out there for them.

I am fairly positive that I will use technology in my classrooms. I want my students to feel as confident as I do when it comes to technology. I would love to be in a classroom where my students are not only learning from me, but in return, I am learning from them. The education system in this country, in my mind at least, is quickly going down the drain. It is our job to turn that around!

We, as teachers, have to make sure that our students are learning all that they can, and that includes technology! Other schools and other countries are training their students to basically take jobs away from our students! We have to train our students for their future, and if we are not, what is the point of being a teacher?

The Chipper Series & EDM for Dummies

These videos are great and turned out great, thanks to the hard work of the students. If I had to think of videos that I would create, I think I would start to keep track of my journey from where I am in school to my first few years of teaching. Or maybe I would create a video about how to pass EDM310. Either way, I think quality videos should teach something or at least inform us of something! 

Learn To Change, Change To Learn

Saying that "Schools are like factories" upsets me more than I can EVER express. I believe that it is completely true that "technology is not an option." It starts with the teachers and these teachers (you and I) have to turn around and teach that technology we have learned to students. I've said this several times in previous posts, but we have to prepare students for their future. They are learning information that will be applied to jobs that are not even created yet, and we must insure that they can secure these jobs based on what we teach them.

The Secret Powers of Time
Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

These videos brought up great points and showed some interesting facts when it comes to time management and motivational drive. Our concept of time is completely different, depending on what we are doing and if we see what we are doing as important. Drive is maximized by a want to do something and the freedom to do it at your own pace without someone always looking over your shoulder.

I think that if we were to look at everything as beneficial instead of seeing things as mundane and necessary, then time will pass by faster. It's like the saying "Time flies when you are having fun!" We have to teach our children to work hard on everything and really get involved with everything in order to not make things seem like they are dragging by!

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  1. " I would love to be in a classroom where my students are not only learning from me, but in return, I am learning from them." A perfect world!

    We don't need to "teach the technology." We need to use it and allow and encourage its use!