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C4K Summary: #4, 5 & 6

This round of Comments for Kids was very interesting for me! I have the chance to read blogs of kids around the world and learn, once again, that all kids are the same no matter where they live!
Below you will find my comments:

is there a explanation for everything.
January 25, 2011 ~ 1 COMMENT      
No, there is not an explanation for everything. Some have explanations.   Some are  like this, Who broke the vase? There is an explanation. I did not break the vase. That is an explanation.

Brandon M. Caten
March 6, 2011 at 9:48 PM
My name is Brandon and I am a student at The University of South Alabama in Mobile and I have been assigned to comment on your blog through a class I am taking called EDM310.
I like where you are going with this blog post, but let me give you a few tips that I think would help you make a post like this more effective:
1) If you are going to say something like “No, there is not an explanation for everything,” then make sure include an example. You did a great job including an example for something that does have an explanation, but make sure to tell us something that doesn’t have an explanation. Be able to back up what you are saying!
2) Make sure to re-read everything that you write and include words to help the clarity of sentences. I would make sure to include the word “things” in a few sentences, but I’ll let you take a look and figure out where I might mean!
Overall, good post though! Keep up the good work!
If you’d like to visit my post, you can find it at or visit our classroom blog and see the type of work we work on at
Have a great week!


On Friday the 4th of Monday our school had MUFTI DAY.
We had mufti day to fundraise some Money for the citizens of Christ-Church.
Our school raised $748.00,
The whole school brang A GOLDEN COIN.
We were all surprised because we thought that it would of been least and some thought it was going to be more.

 Brandon M. Caten said...

Hi Shontal,

My name is Brandon M. Caten and I am a student at The University of South Alabama in Alabama, USA where I am a Music Education major. I am currently in a class called EDM310 and I get to go around and comment on blogs like yours!

I am very impressed that a school was able to collect so much money for Christ-Church! Good work!

You should always be proud of yourself when you can all come together and make such a positive impact on a community!

Great blog post and pictures! I look forward to your future blog posts!

If you would like to see my blog, you can visit it at or visit our class blog at
March 8, 2011 8:42 AM

Please Return My Money
March 10, 2011 ~ 2 COMMENTS      
Dear Rusty McRussell,
We are very sorry that you were so busy when we came to your restaurant. The food was not what we ordered and you gave me liver and onions instead of a burger. My mom got a cold grilled cheese sandwich, and my dad got a melted sundae. The service was late, and we waited for an hour. Please give us your money back.
Thank You,
Elizabeth Wadsford
(This Rusty’s Restaurant is a fake experience.)

Hey Rachel,

My name is Brandon and I am a student at The University of South Alabama where I am enrolled in a class called EDM310 and we get the chance to comment on blogs like yours!

What a funny story! Your writing skills are great! I've actually experienced a restaurant like this before and I wanted to say exactly what you said in your story!

Great job!

If you want to see our class blog and see what we do in class, you can view it at or view my personal blog at

Brandon M. Caten

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